Shown is a comprehensive list of my WIPs


Bond of Darkness
Adult, High Fantasy

After his father is murdered, thus destroying the tether he guarded, Valence, a Apprentice mage, must bring the culprit to justice but also find a way to repair the tether, or it will begin to destroy the plane.

Of Sin and Virtue
YA, Fantasy

When Anna is swept away to a land governed by two forces, the angels of the Righteous Virtues and the demons of the Mortal Sins, she will find herself tested to join only one side so she can bring their war to an end. 

Short Stories

The Last View
Adult, Near Future SF

Ol' Miss Ida is the leader of a rebellion and she aims to get her "family" out of rundown city. To do that, however, she must sneak them past the Veratin, reptilian alien lifeforms who have made a home out of their crumbling city. 

Becoming Mephistopheles
Adult, Fantasy

Danny thought he had a normal life, but when Mephistopheles comes knocking at his door one day, he is brought before the Lord God and angels as proof that Danny is the descendant of Dr. Faust, Mephistopheles' human enemy.

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