Friday, September 24, 2010

Around the Mind Updates

So there's been a lot happening with me lately. First and foremost, Bond of Darkness is nearing its completion. I had a wonderful conversation with my alpha reader (who needed to vent about something), and we came to the heart of what good writing is.

It is a culmination of various concepts and ideas. All must be in place and with the right amount to make writing shine. You primarily need zingy dialogue (to make me believe the characters and see personality). You then need hearty, true characters (to make me believe the world and the circumstances that fall around them). You then need a world to complicate everything. You need events and conflict to challenge the hearty characters into zingy dialogue to build the reader-character relationship.

Back to Bond of Darkness, I'm just now learning true, great writing in its 3rd draft. By learning the various facets of what makes regular writing great, I was able to really create a story that I was proud of and not just writing because I said I could. There are people who write a novel or short story because they need a challenge, but it is all for naught if you do not dedicate yourself and accept the harsh criticism that will come with it.

There goes my own rant for the day!

Other updates around the Mind include the following:

My blogfest, the Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest, is scheduled for October 11, 2010. Please use the link to be redirected to the list so you may register to participate. There's a few of my followers who have sidebared the badge, but haven't yet signed up. Please do so soon.

My first interview in the Industry Leaders series is still open. The 2nd post will be made in mid-October, and the interview will be with the editor of Leucrota Press. Stay around for that interview.

If you know any one in the industry who might be interested in an interview, do tell and I'll make arrangements to contact them.

Thanks all!

Peace and Writing Love,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest Link

So I've gathered my priorities and tossed them into a little jar marked for "LATER," just so I can get this link posted up.

I'm sure most of you know how this works. After you link up to your page, please leave a comment in the form and as well a link to your page there, just in case the first is broken (for whatever reason).

I stated in an earlier post that I might be doing a give away for my first blogfest, but I had to back out on that option. Funds are lacking currently...

So, the only thing I'm asking of participants is to make sure the badge is in your sidebar or in a post, and tweet about the blogfest if you can. Any support I can get for my first fest would be greatly appreciated. For those who don't have it, here is the badge. You can re-size it to your liking.

Thanks and see you all on October 11th, right here, for the Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest! 

Just to remind you, the theme of the blogfest is such: Please post a 1000 word (a few over is okay) sample of your hook. Preferably, chop it right out from the opening of your manuscript. I'd like to see the range of openings various writers have to grab attention. Can you establish a great character relationship in just those few words? How about showing the world? Whatever your hook is, post it for the fest and we'll do the little jig around it (and give you comments along the way).

Peace and Writing Love!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bookmasters, Inc. - Industry Leaders Series 1

Welcome to the 1st installment of my Industry Leaders Interview Series. The brunt of this series is to promote awareness of how the industry runs through the eyes of those leaders in the field.

My first interview was with Mr. Ray Sevin, President of Bookmasters, Inc. (BMI), and Ms. Carol Bowersock, a BMI sales representative.

Before we begin, I want to open up the floor to any of my followers. If you have any suggestions of willing editors, agents, or other industry workers you associate with who might be up for an interview, please suggest away. I'm always looking for more volunteers.


JWP - Yours Truly
RS - Ray Sevin
CB - Carol Bowersock

I thank Mr. Sevin and Ms. Bowersock for taking time out of their day to provide the following responses. You can find more information about BMI by visiting their website.

Let's begin!

* * *

JWP: Where is Bookmasters, Inc. located and how did it come into business as a grounded self-publishing company?

RS: We are located at 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, Ohio 44805. We began over 35 years ago and have always provided services for the small and independent publisher. However, we also print, store and distribute for all sizes of publishers.

JWP: As the president, what exactly do you oversee in the BMI operations?

RS: I am primarily responsible for manufacturing and sales.

JWP: What services does BMI provide that makes them stand out from other established self-publishing providers, such as Lulu?

RS: We provide prepublishing services, composition/editorial services, cover design, offset printing, digital printing, binding, fulfillment and warehousing, online bookstore, marketing services, ePublishing, and CD and DVD duplication.

JWP: How many authors to-date has BMI assisted in "realizing the dream?"

RS: We produce 30-50 titles per month that would fit the category of "self-published".

JWP: If I wanted to begin an account with BMI today, what steps would I need to take? Who would I need to contact and is there a start-up cost for becoming a client?

RS: Depending on the services needed I would start with a request to speak to a sales representative to determine which services you need.

* * *

The following responses come from sales representative, Carol Bowersock.

JWP: As a sales representative, what is your primary objective when a writer becomes interested in BMI's services?

CB: To determine their needs and/or anticipations of their title in order to guide them correctly from start to finish with the service(s) that best suit those needs.  I also try to make certain they are aware of all of our services in an effort to allow them to keep their project under one roof at the same facility within the same company.

JWP: How exclusively do you work with clients?

CB: One on one

JWP: After a client sets up with BMI, do you stay to work with them if they have future projects in mind, or are they directed elsewhere?

CB: Absolutely stay with them.

JWP: What is the best part of BMI, from your representative standpoint, that makes the company stand out from other self-publishing providers, such as Lulu?

CB: The vast array of services we offer, location, knowledge and involvement in the industry, connections with wholesalers/retailers and by far our quality and customer service.

JWP: From your experience, what are some of the challenges presented to you with clients and how do you best respond to those challenges?

CB: Lack of awareness of how to create files that are press ready wherein I simply advise publishers to invest in a good publishing software for their next endeavor and to be certain their PDF (print ready) file is exactly as they want their final book to appear.

I would like to give a huge thanks out to Mr. Sevin and Mrs. Bowersock for offering their input. 

Question to the Cohorts: Many new writers see self-publishing as the way to go. The reality of the publishing business is at a fact point that most writers will not see their work published. The margin is slim. Do not let it get you down. That said, do services, such as those that Bookmasters offers, change the way you look at self-publishing?

I look forward to your comments.

Peace and Writing Love!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Blogfests!

So it's my 23rd birthday day today, and yes I am going to work. Perhaps my managers will grant me an Early Release. Who knows? It is Disney, after all. Along with my birthday, today also marks my three month blogiversary. Woot!

I just want to give a big shout to all my followers and subscribers who have made In My Write Mind successful. I look forward to your continued support.

As a special gift to myself today, besides working in Hollywood, I am announcing a blogfest. Yes, bring out the trumpets and snares. Another blogfest is on the way!

I haven't yet designed the badge or links, but will do so very soon. I am scheduling the blogfest tentatively for the first week in October. Would you care to know the subject?

C'mon you know you do...

What, you really want it to be a surprise?

No, I couldn't possibly...

Well, being the giver and lover of blogging and writing that I am, I'll give you the low down.

The blogfest will be focused on your hooks. That's right, people. Those nasty first few pages that must grab attention, lest your manuscript be discarded into the slush.

And it shall be known from this day forth as:

The "Hook, Line & Sinker" Blogfest

I think that is a suiting title for the fest, don't you?

So please, if you're a follower and/or subscriber, start spreading the word. Please blog about it. Post it on your twitter. Just redirect any traffic to In My Write Mind. I'll be working on the badge in the next couple days. If you are interested, and I know it's super far in advance, please leave a comment on the post so I can start seeing a preliminary list of participants.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Until next time.

Peace and Writing Love,


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awkward Writing Winner and Announcements

So it's been a long haul down the road of Awkward Writing. The series started very strong, and I went on hiatus for a few weeks, and then we finished nicely, too. Thanks to the great comments and diversity we had to the series.

Please be on the look out for future series. The next series approaching fast will be my Industry Leaders Interview Series, due to begin mid-September. I have two groups lined up so far, but I am actively seeking 3 more groups. Please spread awareness of this series to any editors or agents you may be in cahoots with. I would love their involvement to the writing community.

Now, onto the winner. We had 39 comments in total over the 5 posts. The most points granted to one blogger was 6, the most possible being 7. has chosen the winner to be...



Congratulations for winning. I believe I have your email address. You will be sent a $10 voucher, via email.