Sunday, February 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I know my six sentences aren't official (because I didn't sign up and I just learned about it), but I'm just posting because I can. I plan to sign up the correct way when the next SSS post goes live on Wednesday, or as often as I'm able. Love the banner!

This week's six sentences come from my epic fantasy, BOND OF DARKNESS.


Valence thought on Melana’s words. Beauty and deceit all in one package. She helped him because he was dying, but she wouldn’t withhold information to the king whom she had sworn her fealty.

Gerad was handsome, quick-witted and utterly self-assured of himself. It was clear Gerad didn’t expect King Pallanza to stay his comment as if he were a cadet.

Casting that incantation should have left him as empty as a dry husk, but yet he lived.


Peace and Writing Love,


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  1. A good hook for the characters. nearly a mini-story in itself. Well done.



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