Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Fantastic Writing Sites

So I discovered a simply amazing website yesterday that is, without a doubt, one of the most invaluable tools to any writer looking to become published. Most of you probably know about it, but here is the link anyway:

Yeah, do it. Why are you still reading? It's called multitasking people. CNTL-T and peruse the website. You will get the daily skinny from agents and publishers, and commentary by other users who have queried those agents you are looking into.

It seems that the norm of a user post on an agent's profile looks like this:

EQ (E-Query) - Date
RJ (Form Rejection) - Date

Or the ever sought:

Partial Requested - Date

And better yet:

Full Requested - Date

And then your coup-de-grace:

Rep Offered - Date

At that point, you dance around. So learn the site and let it guide your querying path. Let it speak to you. Well if it speaks to you, I would consider seeing someone about it.

The second awesome site, but less forgiving, is:

Granted, it is also free and super easy to use, but take absolutely nothing to heart from the other users. This site allows you post your ever-changing versions of the query and get minor feedback on it. Looks like this:

So you get comments by users who get to pretend they are agents. And thus is the advice of taking nothing to heart. Essentially, they know nothing about representation, but you get the insight of another peer giving you the honest slip of how the query sounds.

I suggest all writers use these sites. That's all for now.



  1. Glad you like querytracker. They do an amazing job with all the reports. Be sure to click on the database symbol next to the agents in your'll see a transaction by transaction view! (But I think that's with the paid membership).

  2. Yeah, I personally don't see the purpose of the membership? What exactly are the extra perks?


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