Sunday, June 13, 2010

New WiP

So I casually looked at my latest attempt at a WiP last night around 11. Why does it seem that this small piece of a chapter (only 4 pages so far) sounds so much better than my current manuscript material. Granted, it does not belong to the same genre so I guess there is an explanation in that.

I have to say that I never saw myself writing much else besides Fantasy. It has and always will be my first love. I have done small writings for my minor portfolio, some of which I hope to revisit later (ie: Mephistopheles).

So the current WiP is a long awaited project attempt with Tara (@SuiteMagic). We decided after she having written almost 3 full manuscripts of the YA Fantasy genre, and I bits and pieces of 2 Epic Fantasy manuscripts (3rd in planning), we needed to get away from Fantasy for a brief time.

So the project is historical fiction about Pirates and their involvement with the sacking of 17th century French ports. We wanted to add some form of magical-realism into it originally, and that was scrapped, but I want to revisit the idea and make the magical-realism element not as fantasy, and a little more on the explainable side. Yes, you are asking yourself how do you explain magical-realism anything in the context of 17th century Pirates and the Royal French Navy.

Alas, this is the challenge of a WiP. We plan to use the Catacombs of Paris in it, too, which is an amazing setting alone. I hope this project works out. It seems my writing is somewhat stronger here, but I digress. Tara and I agreed that this will be another project for us to work full-steam on once we move to Florida.

Thanks for reading and bye for now!


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  1. 57 days until Florida! And now that you mention this magical-realism thing to me...which I had to read in your post here (=P) I'll start brainstorming ideas. =)

    ((By the way, my twitter is no longer @SuiteMagic, it is now @Aleatore_Tara...I changed it, remember? =P) =D


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