Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here, Beta Beta

So I am going to be looking for some Beta readers in the near future for my manuscript. I am currently in the back stretch of my chapter edits, and am looking for some dedicated readers who wouldn't mind taking a read. I will start with a few chapters at a time since the full MS will round out at about 115k words.

If you care to volunteer, I can begin making a list. Be sure to follow me so I can readily reach you if the need arises.

Thanks a bunch.



  1. Volunteer! - Jem

  2. I'm looking for a crit partner - I've finished my 110,000 word specfic (I guess; weirdfic might be more appropriate) ms and I want HONEST appraisal. I belong to a crit group so I have some experience working with others, but our group only does 2000 word chunks and I'd like someone to read the entire thing for narrative arc, pacing, etc. I'll return the favor, however you like.

    I'd love to trade -- if you're interested at all I'll send you my (in progress) query and/or a few pages. Tweet @ momgotshocked


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