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Character Blogfest - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Character Blogfest, hosted by Cassie Mae. Click the link to return to the participants and list of postings required to play along.

Before I begin, I'm going to plug my blogfest again, happening on February 13th. I'd for you all to stop by and join! Visit here: Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest.

In Part 2, we were tasked to have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue -- no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two.

My two are Valence, and a strange character/creature called only by Alpha, who is responsible for the death of Valence's father. Let's begin.

* * *

V: "Give me a reason to trust you. Besides the obvious. I need to keep you alive so another tether isn't destroyed, but what is your motive?"

A: "I was controlled. I can feel it. My masters, the ones who can be inside my head, they made me do this. I know I hurt you and thousands others. I wish to repent."

V: Laughs. "Repent. A bold word for such irreparable damage."

A: "If I promise to take you to them, the ones in my head, will you consider it?"

V: "You are not of this multiverse. I have no way to analyze your intentions based on what I've learned in my magus studies. But, I want revenge. You can give it to me?"

A: "Yes, sir."

V: "Sir? Now that's something I didn't expect."

A: "I am in your service from this moment. In my culture, as I assume true in others, it is a matter of respect for the servant to revere the one he serves."

V: "Sure, we'll go with that. But, what exactly can you do for me? How are you going to lead me to those in your head?"

A: "I am called a biological polymorphic organism. Within me exists something that will not be discovered in your multiverse: the ability to shape myself to those I have bested in combat or otherwise."

V: "Otherwise? You mean murder. So, you can change your shape to those you've killed."

A: "Yes, sir."

V: And this talent. You're going to kill so I can get answers."

A: "Yes, sir."

V: "Just perfect."


  1. Shapeshifter, huh. And he needs to kill to assume their identity? That's brillant!

  2. You're going to kill so I can get answers.

    Love that!

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    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  3. Holy mother of crap! This was awesome! Putting on top picks list :)

  4. I'm with Damyanti, I like those last lines.

  5. Allow me to geek out for a moment:

    "the ability to shape myself to those I have bested in combat or otherwise."


    Your book fascinates me. In just two short snippets I've become so interested in the lore of your world.

    I cannot wait to read more.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice ending. I learned a lot about your characters in very little words. Good job!

  7. Justin--this was beyond cool! I LOVE how not only did I get introduction, but background and world building too! Fabulous job!

  8. Intriquing conversation . . .loved how much I learned about your characters in this short dialogue.

  9. this is crazy talk! i pictured the characters then had to morph one! excellent slice!

  10. Creepy, creepy - but I love it! Good job here :) These two sound as evil as each other in this piece!

  11. Oh my gosh! This is crazy! But so cool. I'd love to have a context for this dialogue!

    --also, LOVE all the J.R.R. Tolkien quotes!!!!

  12. Wow. Very creepy. But I learned so much in such few words. Very well done!

    *New Follower!* So nice to *meet* you!

  13. Way cool character introductions. For a moment there I thought Valance was going to get all moralistic and not accept Alpha's assistance. Wow, so Alpha is Valance's head voice. Intriguing.

    I like that there is no protag/antag here. The introduction covers more than the characters, it also speaks to story plot - well, at least from what I've seen of your postings. I like it.


  14. I wanted you to know you are in my top 10 for this challenge :)

    1. Thanks, Angela. I'm honored. I love my characters.

    2. Ya, me and Angie are arguing over this one, lol. Awesome job!

  15. Interesting. I really enjoyed it. Very cool sci-fi.


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