Saturday, March 26, 2011

Introducing: Elena Solodow, 2011 ABNA Quarter-Finalist

It's true, it's true! My fantastic, super critical, but dearly loved and tremendously helpful critique partner, Elena Solodow, has advanced as a quarter finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition.

The odds for her advancing this far are undeniably overwhelming, but the chosen excerpt being showcased really prevails in her favor. I don't want to brag, but it's amazing. Please visit this link: Whip-Slip free Kindle download to read what brought her this far. This is a shameless plug to highlight Elena's achievement and I, along with her other fabulous critique partners, wish her the best of luck.

Go. Link. Download. Read.

'Nuff said.

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. YAY for Elena! How cool. SO excited for her.

  2. This is so exciting. Way happy for her.

  3. Good luck to Elena and all the others who've made it that far. Unfortunately I cannot download the free kindle thing, as it is not available in Europe.

    Best of luck anyhow.


  4. Congratulations, Elena. I'm out this round. Glad to know a fellow blogger is still in. Good luck!

  5. i've read a couple thing by elena for blogfests and such. and that gal! jiminey christmas! talk about skill and talent! go elena!!!!!!!

  6. How exciting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she wins!


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