Monday, January 24, 2011

Struggling to Rehab the Blog

Note the typo in the text. That's how I roll!

I've been giving myself a huge HEAD DESK each time I sign into my blog, thinking something has changed. More followers. Nope. Comments. Nope. Sparkles and glitter from special prizes. Not even close.

I was really strong in 2010, being participant in other blogs and contests, commenting and blogfest hopping, making contacts and just putting myself out there. 2011 has been a stark contrast so far, and I'm going to try to rehab myself for the sake of getting noticed more. I'll be adding some new features (book reviews and other opinionated goodies) and really get back on the saddle.

The one thing that has really shown productivity in 2011 is my dedication to my online critique group. We are brutally honest with each other, but undeniably sold to each others' manuscripts in progress. We all know we're competent, strong writers and we keep each other on track.

I really hope we stick together. A big thanks to Jodi Henry, Stephanie M. Loree & Elena Solodow.

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. I'm totally behind on my blog as well. Thanks for the shout-out. I should do some shout-outs soon too.

    And I love being in a critique group with you and the girls. It's done wonders for my writing. You guys make me happy. :)

  2. You, slacking? No way. Well, okay maybe, but I have been too.

    Blog Rehab sounds fun!

    Hi, my name is ___. I've been a bad blogger and promise to do better just after I finish the other million things I have to do first.

    It might work:)

    Thanks for the shout out. I am enjoying our writing group too.


  3. you know, keeping up on your actual writing is WAY more important than blogging. there is only so much time in a day, don't give yourself a hard time about comment quantity or number of followers and the like. ask yourself why you are blogging. chances are it isn't about numbers. :)
    that said, i look forward to opinions and reviews!!! whoo hoo!! and i've read some of elena's writing and it is PHENOMENAL!!! not so familiar with the other gals, though they look familiar! crit groups are awesome! :)

  4. Good luck with getting into the saddle.

    Hope that all your features go down well.


  5. So glad your critique group is proving fruitful. Sometimes its hard to find one that fits with our style and needs. As for your blog, I wouldn't sweat it...there are seasons in a writer's life. You are obviously in a growth one in terms of craft...ride it out and enjoy.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  6. I love the inspirational poster in the background of the inspirational poster :D Its still early yet for 2011, maybe you just took an extended holiday break ;)


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