Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Words for $100 Blogfest

Elena Solodow, one of my critique partners, at You're Right. Except When You're Rong hosted a month long blogfest challenging participants to write one 100 word sentence. We were granted a 5 word leeway in either direction, so 95 and 105 word subs are accepted.

So, I didn't prepare or put thought into this sentence. Just did it. Hoping for the best, I suppose. It is 82 words of out-of-my-head randomness.


* * *

It was made clear that my life had no meaning, be it divine intervention, being socially cut off from society, or simply by the pinch of the bullet wound calling home to just above my heart—courtesy of the duster-wearing fellow standing over me, his cobalt knife-like eyes putting a fuzzy blanket over my shit-brown eyes and the swift realization that he wasn’t done with me, also courtesy of him popping open the barrel and checking his remaining munitions.

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. hahAHHAHAAHAHA!!!!!! what a challenge!!! my hubby could TOTALLY win this without even trying! he is the king of the run-on sentence! :)
    i like cobalt knife-like eyes! very cool description! :)

  2. Really good, you pulled it off without stumbling! And your writing came through too.


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