Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slap Me Silly! We're 15 Hours Away!

Hello All Hallow's Eve hooligans!

Tis I, the invader of your creative mind. Here at In My Write Mind, and around other countless blogs, the countdown for November 1 is ticking away at mere hours. Throughout November, should time and sleep permit, I'll be posting every few days (short posts, and likely every monday), to keep my progress known outside of my author page.

The epic fail of NaNo is so finely drawn against succeeding for me for one reason: I work five days (Wednesday through Sunday) with the strangest hours at times, but luckily, two local write-in sessions here in Orlando fall on my only two days off. Score for me!

Fifteen hours away and I still have to shed off a final outline for my progress.

See you all very soon!

Have a safe and Merry Halloween, and sleep during the day! For come November 1, the zombie apocalypse of aspiring writers and novelists will be upon us once more.

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. Good luck! Not much longer now...mere hours, in fact...yikes

  2. "the zobie apocalypse of aspiring writers and novelists will be upon once more." Loved that! I shall pin it up on my noticeboard.

    Scarily, it's only nine hours away for me! Best of luck for your nano.


  3. I can't wait for Nano month! Good luck!

  4. Good luck JW. You'll be awesome.


  5. Good luck, Justin. Nano is about the closest thing I have to a religious holiday. Sick as I've been even if I crash and burn horribly this's time to try the thing that I've been wanting to try but too afraid to write! So *deep breath* here we go!

    Have fun with it and hope to cheer you over the finish line.



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