Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pantsing Through November

So, I think I've fallen on the decision to swallow any doubt my new NaNoWriMo side had brewed, and moved toward the option of simply pantsing my way through November. As wonderful as a lot of the recent blog posts are about planning, with charts and outlines, I think being my first time, I find myself just wanting to experience the thrill of a whole month of writing. While I won't be able to get my daily 1,000 word minimum accomplished every day, I'm going to try.

I suppose that's all that can be said. I want the challenge and think going in blind to this the first time would be a thrill. That goes without saying, if I fail at the end of November, I'll be returning next year with a plan.

I've decided to write a companion novel to my current series. While it will probably extend more than 50,000 on some later date, this is my goal. As most fantasy novels need superior planning skills because you're creating what isn't there, it will be an interesting thirty days to say the least.

In Announcements:

The Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest is still looking for participants. I have twelve writers signed up and I am looking for a minimum of fifteen. Please continue to spread the word. It all goes down on October 11, 2010.

Until then.

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. I'll be "pantsing" through NaNoWriMo as well. I have a vague idea of plot, and a decent handle on the setting. Now I just need some characters. All I have written down are a few paragraphs worth of notes. Otherwise, it's all in my head.

    Pants away!

  2. You'll be fine JW. You have a plan already formed in your head. And you're going about the project with the right (write,LOL) attitude.


  3. I'm all for pantsing through NaNoWriMo! I think as it will be my first time (still trying to find the courage to sign-up) I'll be doing the same!


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