Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Announcing: 2nd "Annual" Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest

This isn't really an annual blogfest, thus the quotations around it. I completely forgot to host it in 2011. I'm getting back on board for 2012, and this will be the first big event for the blog.

The goal of the first Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest was to post your first 500-1000 words of your manuscript in progress. It could be draft one, having just come off the press, or be well under peer or personal revisions. Whatever the status, we want to see it.

The suggested guidelines we used to judge entries last time was the following:

  • Does the character have a personality I can fall into easily? This includes any dialogue exchanged.
  • Is the world around them set up to compliment the character as they're introduced?
  • Are there secondary characters to assist with the hook?
  • Lastly, would I read more?
So, all that said, here are the details of the blogfest:

Date: February 10, 2012
Where: In My Write Mind blog, and your own
Objective: Post your 500-1000 word hook and critique other hooks posted by participants

A point system will be developed, like most blogfests use for advertising the event, and a prize will be announced closer to the date. So, I know I haven't been around lately, but if you still follow In My Write Mind in your reader and still love blogfests, join us for the 2nd "Annual" Hook, Line & Sinker Blogfest.

Peace and Writing Love,


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