Saturday, October 22, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

So, before this kicks off, I'm butting my head against a wall because I haven't posted in about two months. I'm a sucky blogger lately. That is all. Let's stay on topic.

November 1st will arrive in a short ten days. It was at this point this morning that I went, "Fail..."

However, I'm not entirely behind. In the recent weeks, after working on various other projects, the spark for my first and baby manuscript ignited once again. The best part being that I have a new plot, and that freshness and raw simplicity of where I'm taking the story just boggles me sometimes.

For the longest time, I couldn't find any way to make that manuscript, Bond of Darkness, any better. Friends of the old story, I do hope you come back and support me for the new plot. It takes a really interesting look into some science-fantasy concepts I've been dreaming up, all wrapped nicely (with a bow) in an immense world, stuffed inside a jam-packed multiverse of awesome.

No pantsing this year, either. While I did win NaNo 2010 by pantsing, this time I have an outline to go by. I'm feverishly working to finish all of Act 2 (of 3), hoping I can get 50,000 words out of them. 

Stayed tuned for the fun, and by fun, I mean insanity. Tuesday, I'll be creating and posting my NaNo project cover art (I hope). Also, instead of posting whole excerpts like I did last year, I'll only be taking the last few paragraphs of the word count on the day of posting. I'll try for two posts a week, like last year.

Peace, Writing, and for the love of coffee houses and repeating playlists.


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  1. YAY!
    best of luck to you this nano season!
    i'm trying nano (and plotting!) for the first time this year!
    may your words flow, and worlds build!


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