Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Like Creative Deodorant

This is a follow up from my post on March 15th, A Painful Truth. Following the aftermath of trunking my baby, Bond of Darkness, my manuscript that received so much TLC, I started with a new project.

It took me a while to break out of the fantasy shell. I really didn't know anything else. Fantasy is what I have always read and always been interested in. But to get my mind of Bond of Darkness, I needed to start a project in a new genre. 

This genre became paranormal, with historical fiction involved. I was happy to be able to start something that bloomed quickly. It was fun to be able to do research for a novel. When writing fantasy, research is hardly required. You're the god, tilling the world and creating the people. In a world that exists (Earth), you need to research the real aspects: towns, cities, types of people, transportation. 

But I didn't want to entirely abandon fantasy. So, I added my historical fiction twist. 

My partners are proud that I'm working on something new. We've all started breaking out of our writing shells, and while it took me a while to get going, I think my project will be healthy for me creatively. A creative mind needs to be stimulated in various ways. Reading is the obvious matter to do this. But you also need to experiment. Write outside your genre. Partake in conversation that might stimulate voice for character. Learn from other writers. Browse blogs. Force yourself to do prompts.

Only if it were this easy.
All will push you to better yourself, slowly but surely. Even if you're like me, where writing is more of a hobby and not something that will be your career choice, remaining creatively healthy is a must.

What have you done to spark a change in your writing? Do you force new projects on yourself to stay diverse, or do you pick up a new project when deemed necessary?

Peace and Writing Love,



  1. When I feel myself getting stale, I do something different. Last year, I took a break from novel writing and worked exclusively on short stories for 2 months. It did wonders for me. Switching up genres, styles, and POVs keeps things fresh and interesting for me too.

    Good luck with the new project!

  2. I have so many WIPs that switching between them usually does the job. Of course, I'm rubbish at FINISHING stuff... I write in many genres, so that helps (science fiction, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, paranormal, historical, non fiction, horror - for now).


  3. Nice new profile pic, btw... don't think I've seen that one yet.

  4. Hey,

    Well, I might switch between my WiPs to give myself a break, but for the time being, I am still currently working mainly on my first series. Once it's done, you should expect the whole thing in your inbox. =P

    <3 Tara

  5. I found that changing points of view helped me. I used to only do third person but I decided to write my last ms in first person and it was not only a challenge and learning experience but it really put me right in the action.


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